Managing Operations Change

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Presentation Workplace analysis Recommendations and application of theory Conclusions Changing your workplace "" Hanlon Windows.

Produce a report on changing your workplace. Think of any aspect of workplace that needs changing.

Technology at Hanlon Windows is one of many aspects of the organisation that needs changing, this will be the main focus.

Outline what changes are required.

Hanlon windows is a family owned and operated company that has been supplying aluminium and timber windows to the residential construction industry for the last twenty five years. Although they have survived and prospered the economic changes that have occurred over the last twenty years in Australia, Hanlon Windows has had major problems with it's present information system. It can't cope with the sheer volume of information and process it in an efficient time period. The main source of concern is product being manufactured to the right quality on time. Other specific concerns is communication between external suppliers and keeping up with there pace of change within thier organisations.

The only solution is to adopt innovations that are being utilised in the information technology sector. This is a major project that will use a large percentage of Hanlon Windows resources.

Below is a detail list of the major groups in the company that are effected by problems that require change.

Manufacturing- Oak Flats commercial,Bomoderry domestic(Timber and Aluminium).

Commercial Supervisors and Sub Contractors Main suppliers - Breezeway louvres, Flat Glass Industries, Vantage Aluminium, Capral, PRW flyscreens, AAF Powdercoat finishes, Doric, Interlock, Hilite, Hanlons Timber Sales, Aneeta windows, Aluminium specialties.

Sales Branches "" Silverwater, Narrabeen, Miranda, Bowral, Pambula, Oak Flats, Bomoderry.

Administration and Financial control- All Branches, Head Office at Bomoderry.

Service department "" based at Bomoderry and Silverwater.

Customers- Large construction companies, developers, builders, owner builders, renovators, specifiers and architects.

All these groups need...