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Comparing between schools of management thoughts

Historical background of management

To understand the current management theories and practices work you need to know its history. Since ages people used management to organize their activities. As an example the Great Wall of China and the Egyptian pyramids needed organization and that proves the existence of management since the ancient time. 20 years and more than 10,000 workers were building the pyramids flawlessly because there were managers who planned everything related to make sure this work goes well.

Another example, Vince was a major economic and trade center due the method they used of managing their business. The Venetians way of management is what's called now as a business company. Automobile assembly is having a warship moving in a canal and being stopped in some points to add the materials and rigging to it.To control the track of the materials they used the warehouse system and to control the labour force they used the human resources management and finally to keep track of their revenues and costs they used the accounting system

However there are two most important events to the management history.

First of all, in the 17 century Adam Smith released "The Wealth of Nations" which made an argument on the economic advantages that organizations and society would achieve from the division of labor .On the other hand, the second important event was called the industrial revolution, it was in the late 18 century when machine power was substitute with human power, it turn more economical to make goods in factories than at home. Those people are managers, and mangers need formal theories.

Classical approach:

This approach begins in the 20th century. There are two theories comprise the classical approach: scientific management and general administrative. This approach constitutes the...