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What factors led to the provision of Britain's fourth television channel? How did Channel Four change public service broadcasting?

Many factors led to the introduction of Channel Four in Britain in1982. There was a common concurrence that there was not a channel that was ... as representative of the minority groups of Great Britain and that after the BBC was given a second channel, it seemed inevitable that another channel would follow suit. I will be discussing these iss ... nel would follow suit. I will be discussing these issues that led to the final decisions of the new channel that is now Channel Four including the pressure groups which campaigned for it, the governme ...

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In what ways has Channel 4 altered the landscape of British television broadcasting for its competitors?

The main characteristic of Channel 4's broadcasting life is, as John Ellis highlights, a marked shift from offer-led to demand- ... dcasting life is, as John Ellis highlights, a marked shift from offer-led to demand-led television. Channel 4 can without question be seen as crucial in 'breaking open the habits of the era of scarcit ... ment away from concepts of balance and towards that of diversity of view'. This policy, despite the channel's difficulties, has proved successful, and has moved the goalposts of British broadcasting a ...

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that I wanted to become a meteorologist.I interviewed Bob Breck who is the chief meteorologist for channel 8 and Carl Arredondo who is the chief meteorologist for channel 4. I learned from them that ... o get a Ph.D. in meteorology from Florida State University. I am hoping to get a job at The Weather Channel after I graduate from college. The starting salary for a meteorologist with a Ph.D. is $37,0 ...

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'Big Brother' persuasive writing newspaper article

Easily the most successful channel 4 television programme earning countless millions for the channel, company Endemol, and cont ...

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Should "Big Brother" be cancelled?

millions of viewers via a dedicated web site or your TV. Edited highlights can be followed daily on Channel 4 television at around 9pm. Each week one of the participants is evicted by phone vote, foll ... dious possessions such as: expensive cars or incredibly enormous mansions. Some people however, may channel their winnings into payment of debts or donating their winnings to charity.The self-proclaim ...

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Marshal Meets Science

erature was easily found by using a thermometer, but the determining the pressure required watching Channel 4 and paying attention to the weather report. Once the ideal conditions occurred, the next s ...

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The pedestrian

tting married is considered normal in the society that Leonard Mead inhabits. "What's up tonight on Channel 4, Channel 7, Channel 9? Where are the cowboys rushing, and do I see United Stated Cavalry o ...

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ved that practice management was distinct from all different business functions. Also he developed 14 principles of management in order to help managers manage their affairs more affectively. These fo ... tively. These fourteen principles include:1-Division of work 2-Delegation of Authority 3-Discipline 4-Chain of commands 5-Congenial workplace 6-Interrelation between individual interests and common or ...

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