Mardi Gras Rendezvous

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I was sweating bullets as I dished out food at the New Orleans shelter I volunteered for. My mom, Maria Menzer, was supposed to pick me up, but knowing her, I was not getting my hopes up. She had said something about her needing something at the store and I was supposed to get it for her. Since there were many parades and events going on, I should have known to be careful.

My mom finally showed up yelling, "Get your stuff in the car! Hurry up I'm late for work and I still have to drop you off at the store!"

She had made it sound like this was a life-threatening situation, even though she was only five minutes late and the store was right around the corner. When we got to the Save-a-Lot store my mother gave me ten dollars and said to get a head of lettuce and a loaf of whole-wheat bread.

She also said to use the leftover money for a cab ride.

I got out of our rusty Chevrolet and crossed the street to the bargain store. As I entered, I immediately smelled the scent of bleach, as if they had just cleaned. I headed straight to the produce section and picked out the head of lettuce that had the least amount of leaves wilted. After that, I headed to the natural food section to pick out the whole-wheat bread my mom had asked for. While I was waiting, I noticed that they had my favorite candy bar actually in stock. I mentally calculated how much I would have left for the cab and decided to get the ooey-gooey caramel candy bar I loved so much. I left the bleached store and I waltzed into the fresh air.

As I went to hail a...