Marketing Case Study- Sydney Aquarium Marketing Plan (very detailed).

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1.The segmentation of target market

§Customers are grouped in various ways. Firstly they have;

oDifferent demographics

oDifferent set of needs

oDifferent geographies

oDifferent price ranges and visitation/time restraints

§Maximizing visitation is main objection of the marketing plan, so markets are segmented. Statistics are found through daily surveys of visitors residence, occupation etc, so accurate demographic statistics are calculated.

oSydney is the key domestic market (+20% in 1998). Secondary domestic

market is tourists from regional NSW and interstate.

oInternational Visitors:

Classified into categories with 57% holidaymakers 17% visiting

friends and relatives, 12 % business travelers, remainder classed as 'other' .

Key international markets are UK, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong

Kong, US, Korea and Germany. "China, UK NZ are aggressively targeted" as there is seen to be the greatest visitation growth potential from these countries.

September 11 reduced tourist numbers from Americas (-13.5 %)

and Japan (-12.8%), but 'Other Asia' and 'Australia' grew 15% each that year.

The Olympic success and low Australian dollar has provided a positive outlook for international tourism to Sydney.

§Target Markets are also grouped in much detail and precisely;

oSingle Income No Kids (SINKS)

oDouble Income No Kids (DINKS)


oSenior Citizens

oA parent taking kids for the day, custody of kids

oHoliday makers

oVisiting friends and relatives (VFR)

oBusiness Travelers

oSpouse whose partner is at work function/meeting holiday

oFree and independent traveler (FITs)


§Channel Strategy (international)

Below is the process, in stages, of an international tourist and at which points Sydney Aquarium (SAQ) plan to reach the customer

Customer Overseas Overseas Overseas Inbound Hotel

travel agency tour operator airlines ground agency

oUsually SAQ would try to reach the customer directly to the customer,

through major tourist guides such as Lonely Planet, and advertising at Sydney airport when tourists arrive.

oHowever, this has...