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Marketing mix is the s ....What is Marketing? Well so far my understanding from the information I have reviewed in regards to marketing, is that marketing is the basic process by which a product or service is determined, then it is priced, promoted, and distributed to consumers. Overall the marketing of a product is the defining action in which a company determines what needs have to be met in order to get the product distributed to the consumers. This paper will review marketing as defined in this weeks reading.


Marketing concentrates primarily on the consumers. After determining, the consumer's needs and wants for a product, the marketing department or firm must then create a marketing strategy that will educate the consumer of a particular product. Then the marketing process becomes an ongoing cycle.

Marketing includes planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the decision-making regarding product lines, pricing, promotion, and servicing.

The marketing department or marketing firm has to account for numerous factors when launching a new product or product line. Some of the factors for the marketing team to consider would be Who is using the product? What is the best way to distribute the product? Where to distribute the product and What is the cost of this product? Marketing does not stop once the product is on the market, then it most considered how to maintain a high level of demand for its product and then how to keep this product up to date or when is it the right time to develop a new product. So many factors and decisions need to be reviewed and executed in regards to marketing.

Marketing in a global arena

When marketing a product into the international arena there are of course the same principles that apply, the marketing firm must determine...