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Companies utilize various market research techniques to identify marketing opportunities. I personally have been involved in qualitative and quantitative questionnaires, and I know a bit about observational market research techniques such as Nielsen Media Research. For the purpose of this assignment I will discuss each of these in more detail as well as my insights to observational research for new products and the drawbacks to such research. I will begin with discussing qualitative questionnaires.

Qualitative Questionnaires

The most recent marketing research technique I have been involved with has been qualitative questionnaires. Granted, many non-military individuals probably don't consider the military a business; but it essentially is. The Air Force is always seeking ways to improve business and customer services. In 2004 alone, I have completed three surveys for the military. One survey requested my evaluation of the product of unit leadership effectiveness; another concerned the product of Beale Air Force Base services; and the final survey evaluated the product of Beale's childcare services.

These questionnaires were cumbersome to say the least but I cannot doubt their validity for improving the Air Force experience for its personnel and families.

Quantitative Questionnaires

Another type of market research I have been involved with was a quantitative questionnaire. Every year a large percentage of individuals within each career field are given a diskette to complete an occupational survey. The survey begins with requesting demographic information such as rank, skill level, and duty location. The next portion consists of about 500 questions (and this is not an exaggeration) concerning various aspects of the job. This information is used to create statistical predictions concerning education and training requirements within the career field and is used in determining the validity of any question used in the promotion examination for the career field. This quantitative research is...