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Marketing is a subject that has very high regards in my book. The amazing things that advertisers do to market their customer's products are unreal. Think back to the super bowl. Anheuser-Busch had so many Budweiser commercials it was crazy, but the story lines behind it were too funny. Most people who are really not into football watched the super bowl to check out the commercials.

Marketing is defined by Britannica Ready Reference 2003 as: "Activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers." This definition of marketing is so true. Most organizations have to use marketing in a way that builds a relationship with the consumer so that they will buy their products or use their services. Most marketing is best done by companies that are geared towards marketing, like Advertising agencies. They will take the ideas of the company and make them into wondrous works of art.

Effective Marketing in my opinion is the ability of a company to be able to show the consumer that their product is the best compared to another. When presented, it allows the consumer also to laugh a little, look deeper into the product, and make wise sound decisions when deciding whether or not to purchase it. After this being said, marketing is a huge factor in making a consumer chose their product over another.

I have been with my company since 1993, and I have watch the ups and downs of it, as well as their reputation go down. Basically, we are the largest school bus company on Long Island, but our service is not the greatest. We have eight dispatch facilities and each one runs differently. It is sad to hear when complaints come in that one yard is better than the other and we are...