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Businesses and organizations must use marketing strategies to make people aware of their products, goods, or services. These strategies must incorporate tactful devices to interest people as well as convince them that what is being offered has a purpose in their everyday lives. A marketing and strategic plan must also have the consumer's best interest in mind in order to create profitability and growth for an organization that is developing the product, goods, or services. This paper will define the marketing strategies that are used in our society in the areas on how a business advertises on the web, in print, on television and in the media, and on the radio. This paper will also address the importance of marketing in today's world of business and how the web has changed advertising in general.

Why marketing has gained importance in today's societyThe importance of marketing plays a vital role in the development, growth and long-term profitability of an organization.

Marketing is the key driver in delivering a clear message that a product that is being offered could be useful or beneficial to a consumer. Without a clear and direct marketing plan, consumers may never know what is available to them in the marketplace or through e-commerce portals. A business' marketing objectives should be focused around a primary target audience so that the background, the objective, and the scope of the project can be defined at the early stages of a project. This allows for preliminary consumer testing to be conducted if necessary.

Businesses use marketing strategies to introduce their products to consumers. There are many businesses that have succeeded tremendously just by implementing the right marketing plan at the right time or through the right medium.

Marketing advertising on the webBusinesses are advertising their services on the internet to expand...