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Diana Shi

Marketing Analysis

Chanel S.A.

Introduction to the Company

Chanel S.A., commonly known as Chanel, is a French fashion design company. It was establish by Coco Chanel in 1913. Chanel was representing as a new style in 20th century, because Coco Chanel was the first person who broke the old values and created a new idea of fashion.


The products of Chanel are mostly haute couture, perfume, jewellery, and accessories, and they are especially famous for their perfume and haute couture. In its early years, Coco Chanel designed some tricot sailor dress and little black dress. At that time, women were bored to wear ornamental border and they loved her concise dress. In later years, Coco Chanel started to make haute couture and produce make-ups. Her special perfume let more and more people know their products.


The main company is in Paris. However, Chanel has many branches all over the world.

Most of those branches are in the shopping centre or on the street. Those branches gave Chanel more opportunities to display their products.


Many of Chanel's products were made by hands, and lots of their clothes were made for individual. Moreover, because most of the products are luxuries, so the price is high. However, their products were more delicate and they aimed at a particular group of people, their income was high too.


Chanel promotes their products in lots of ways. Mostly, they have advertisements on TV and websites and sometimes they have fashion show to present their resent works.

Target Marketing

Chanel, as a fashion design company targets mostly young women who are rich and willing to follow the trend. General, Chanel targets the same market as other fashion design companies.


Chanel's logo is

Chanel's slogan is double C's intertwined.