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University of Phoenix is a college that offers instruction geared toward theworking adult. The University thrives on the concept of offering different ways for a busy, working adult to receive a degree without sitting in lecture halls several times a week. Adults that attend U of P are mainly working or busy parents wanting to obtain a higher education in an environment tailored to their needs and schedules.

Offering more instruction options will set the University apart from the rest. Currently the college offers on-ground classes that are attended once a week for four hours. Online classesare also offered and require a set amount of time to be logged on the internet. With the addition of webinars and teleconferences, University of Phoenix will give their students more options for success.

University of Phoenix Web ClassesIn today's business world global competition, slowing economies and an increase in an educated population have made a college degree a necessity for any individual wanting to enter the workforce.

In recent years, a high school diploma was all that was needed to obtain a job; however, now in these times, organizations are expecting their workforce to hold college degrees. With an unprecedented unemployment rate comes a greater amount of candidates for employers to choose. This means that prospective employees will have to strive for a higher degree and will have to attend an institution with a good reputation in order to differentiate themselves from other available candidates.

In 1976, a Cambridge Professor named Dr. John Sperling recognized that as students leaving high school started receiving a higher education, it was necessary for more mature employees to keep up with the trend by furthering their education as well. It became necessary for the adult workforce to find ways to fit schooling into an already overflowing schedule...