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Executive Summary

This report is to improve Halo Production's business performance in order to prevent the continuously attack from its competitors.

Halo Café is a growing musical café which takes advantage of the overall development of musical café industry in Malaysia by owing 45% of market share currently. Meanwhile, the increasing of the challenges from the competitors has given Halo Café an intangible stress and an excuse to expand its business around the country.

More clearly, there are a lot of the states with high purchasing power have been neglected by competitors. Hence, Halo Café has decided to seize on this chance by setting up as more as its branch as the first step of counter attack to the competitors.

The external situation of Halo Café can be divided into two categories. Macro environment are indicated economy, sociocultural factors, political-legal factors, natural environment and new song factor. And the industry environment are indicated the market overview, competitive overview, customer overview and supply.

Critical success factors are separate in 4 categories which are skill-related, organizational capability, marketing-related and distribution-related.

Halo Café internal situation is summarized from management, product, skill, distribution channel, environment and background support. The strengths should be maintained while the weaknesses improved.

The total sales growth of Halo Café is estimated at 15% annually. It sounds difficult but Halo Café has enough confidence by using the product, place, people, promotion, physical assets, process management, and price strategies.

Furthermore, there are four market segments which are including Music Lover, Student and Teenager, Working People and Festival Celebration will be targeting at. In this case, Halo Café has listed out the strategy planning for the achievement of the market segmentation.

Halo Café has given out detailed marketing expenditure and procedures that will involve in the improvement of its business. The expenses...