Marketing Plan Phase I

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Marketing Plan Phase I

"Speak Easy Project"

Melissa Kline

Shahram Dashtipour

Cruz Maldonado

Judge Edward Singleton

Edgar Munoz

Marketing 421

University of Phoenix

Group WH06BSM03

Professor Richard Hartman

June 21, 2007�

Overview of Speak Easy

Speak Easy Corporation is a creative and innovative electronic company located in the Silicon Valley, California. Speak Easy employs 130 hand picked engineers from the best and brightest of the industry. Previously called Abstract Innovations Inc, Speak Easy has collaborated with the IBM, Darpa, and SRI international to develop the preliminary drawings and concepts. Intel Corporation has provided the Super Chip Technology for the main translator circuitry.

The Pacemaker Power Technology has provided the power necessary to operate the Speak Easy. Their innovative Micro Technology has been instrumental in the packaging process and in the actual prototype size of the Speak Easy. For the rollout plan, there will be English, Spanish, Farsi, and Chinese translators that are completely operational.

The research and development department has encountered many challenges with the different dialogs, which exist with in the Chinese version. The multiple dialog challenge is presented in the Farsi and many other languages also.

As in any other product that is new to the market, Speak Easy faces many obvious and unforeseen challenges. The marketing department has engaged in SWOTT analysis and has elected a product launch date on Independence Day, 2007. All legal efforts have been scrutinized in order to protect the copy right of this new phenomenon.

Imagine entering a foreign country and instantly being able to speak the native language, the magnitude of comfort and ease to fit into any society when one can communicate freely. Speak Easy will empower travelers and business men and women with many new advantages and opportunities. The actual concept and the...