Marketing Plan: Phase III (Pepsi)

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Marketing Plan: Phase III Introduction: Product strategy is an important element of marketing and business strategy; these two elements aide in the sale of products and services that support organizations' survival and growth. Product strategy also has influences on marketing strategies which include: product influences (consumer perception of the product), promotion influences (whether the product will be purchased by the consumer), place influences (where the product will be distributed for consumers purchase), and price influences (the pricing of a product and the influence that it will make to get a consumer to buy). Marketing depends on understanding the nature of products and basic decision. Product variable can have important implications in the survival of profitability and long-run growth of Pepsi Co. The three major areas in the success of Pepsi Co's product include; quality, total quality management (TQM) and value, these three components encompass a strategic product line for Pepsi Co fruit juice line.

In this paper Team A will; describe the attributes of Pepsi Co's Vitakids fruit juice line. Next the paper will describe the pace in which the fruit juice line will move through the product life cycle; as well as, include the factors that will impact movement and marketing of the fruit juice line. The paper will then show the positioning strategies and appropriate price strategy for the fruit juice line and will subsequently conclude with a brief summary.

Product Attributes: This new natural 100% VitaKids fruit juice line is exactly what health conscious consumers are looking for. These juices have a natural juice flavor with exciting juice combinations and the classic favorites. Our natural juices provide the consumer with the building blocks to healthy eating habits. Our juices provide the consumer with Vitamin C, Potassium, and Folate (Folic Acid) to name a few.

Eating a healthy...