Marketing plan for Volkswagen -New beetle Cabriolet

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Executive Summary

This document is a marketing plan for Volkswagen -New beetle Cabriolet, effective for the years 2004 to 2005. The objective of this plan is to recommend strategies that launch the New beetle Cabriolet.

Volkswagen's market share is growing and it is standing in 9% market share in the global car market. And we want to position the Volkswagen brand as a global leader in the quality car market.

The environment and factors analysis the overall environments SWOT analysis, to find out which opportunity could work effectively. One of the major opportunities is the beetle has a good reputation in the customer mind which existed in the market for a long history.

Goals will achieve by the following objective and strategies. Via the marketing mix and target segmentation. One of the recommendation is we develop product to meet the customer's want. For example, we did improvement from the old beetle to the new beetle cabriolet.

Then customer could see our fresh look of our existing product. And this is more profitable and less risky then developing a new one.

Following the tactical marketing mix tools to set up the future plan which is including:

l product: branding, benefit of the product

l Distribution: personal selling/service, promotion/ events, advertising message

l Advertising media

l Merchandising

l Publicity

Evaluating all the strategies mix tools to increase our profit and reputation of this new product- New beetle Cabriolet.

Mission Statement

Volkswagen provides a safe car that with a good for environment system. And it help for environment, will not make pollution to damage atmosphere.

Do the best in quality vehicle sales and service and to continue to enhance our long-standing reputation of fostering a family atmosphere that creates high employee loyalty and customer satisfaction.




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