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Marketing Research

It is important for any business to consider their positioning before moving forward with plans to change their marketing strategy or tactics. Innovation will not pay off for a company that has not found a successful positioning within its market. "Consumers are overloaded with information about products and services. They can not reevaluate products every time they make a buying decision" (Armstrong & Kotler, 2005, p.207). Positioning enables a company to establish their brand in a customer's mind, and build loyalty for the product not just the pricing. Loyalty prompts people to pay more for a familiar brand. Market research provides a company with the data necessary to make this evaluation, and to determine where their product or service fits into the customers buying behaviors.

Kudler Food's and Marketing Research

Previous data, obtained through survey reports, does not address the future needs of its customers instead the data is representative of past performance.

Although the past performance measures are helpful, Kudler Foods did not appear to use this data in developing the marketing strategies for 2006. Kudler Food's objective for 2006 is to increase the loyalty and profitability of its consumers, in order to do so, it is important that Kudler Foods utilize the data already obtained before initiating new services. Simultaneously, Kudler Foods can gather necessary data related to the programs it plans to initiate. Focusing on the primary positioning, i.e. increased loyalty, and then initiating new programs over time will increase the chances of successful implementation and growth (Kudler Fine Foods, 2005).

Samples taken from past surveys show the rise in dissatisfaction in several key factors that customers use to differentiate one supplier from another as well as determine the price they are willing to...