Marketing Strategies for Cell C

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It has been argued that "strategic marketing planning can be viewed as the solution to multitudinous issues which face modern management" (Haris, 1996). Indeed, it is often contended that the process of strategic marketing planning is crucial since planning determines what must be done in the future whilst giving an opportunity to test what has been achieved against the framework of the existing plan. However, it is universally acknowledged that not only is planning far from simple but also that few organizations plan well (Piercy, 1997).

As Cell C, we intend using our marketing plan as a road map, to plan our course and help us reach our goals/destination. Typically a marketing plan should consist of information about the company and its products or services, marketing activities, objectives and strategies, and its method for measuring success. It should also have a designated time period (i.e.

6 ? 12 months) and one should document the costs of the planned marketing activities. (after D.K Schofield ? De-mystifying Marketing plans)


"A company must get to the future not only first but also for less." (HBR G. Hamel & C.K. Prahald) As Cell C is the third mobile operator in South Africa, this poses a tough challenge, but we believe we're up for it, and we intend being First on innovation and Customer Service. Our goal is "competitive innovation not competitive imitation" (adapted from STRATEGIC INTENT ? C.K. Prahalad &

G. Hamel)

The marketing strategies for Cell C are focused on meeting the needs of our future customers, and keeping them met. We plan to achieve this through the provision of world class service and innovative products at competitive prices.


To realise (win over) 15 ? 20 % of existing cell...