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Nova School of Business and Economics Marketing Management


Marketing Management

1st Half of 1st Semester, academic Year 2014-­‐2015

Teacher Luisa Agante

Assignment: TerraCycle Case Study

Mafalda Marques Henriques de Almeida Gomes, MSc. Management, No 2327

Nova School of Business and EconomicsMarketing Management


To introduce the TerraCycle case study, I am going to present an overview around the background of TerraCycle.

The purpose of analyzing the organization's current internal situation is to identify the factors that could affect

marketing plan or performance . Therefore, analizing the internal environment will allow us to look at the current

situation within the organization - TerraCycle - concerning strenghts and weaknesses.

The key to target the market is trying to understand how to the diferentiate from others, collecting and comparing

data on the company and its competitors. The question is which segments does it want to serve and how can we do

this? How can we achievecompetitive advantage from the competitors?

"Move forward-­‐looking companies, however readily accept their responsabilities to the world around them. They view

socially responsible actions as an opportunity to do well by doing good"[i]

"A strong belief in eco-­‐capitalism was what led tot he criation of TerraCycle"[ii]

TerraCycle is an eco-­‐capitalist start up company founded in 2001 by two Princeton students (as a resulte of a business

plan). They designed and sold one of the first commercially-­‐available products made entirely from garbage (the

process consist in convertert organic waste and processed it by worms into fertilizer).

Taking advantage to this new trend, TerraCycle rised in the marketplace commited to being the "ultimate" eco-­‐

capitalist corporation. They applied this concept to all its business practices - their products utilized all-­‐natural and

environmentally friendly production process.

That's the main factor of diferentiation between the others competitors.