Marketing - Would You Buy This Apple?

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Would You Buy This Apple?

Lead Story-Dateline: USA Today, July 15, 2002

The article discussed good advertisement establishes great brand images. Some examples used were Snapple, Kia, Sprint and the Apple computer, IMac. The following topics were discussed and evaluated by our team members, the role of Apple advertisements and "personality", advertising and the creation of brand success, market share as a primary goal and whether or not Kia's advertisement could be considered a success considering the brand is ranked No. 20.

Advertising is the process of getting an idea about a brand into a prospects' head such as to move him/her rationally or emotionally (preferably both) towards purchase. Advertising is the key in the projection of a brand's "personality", which is a totality of a set of values offering functional and psychological benefits to the consumer (

Apple computers took the role of the "hip" computer manufacturer. Its ad, featuring a computer with an "attitude", targeted a younger class of consumers.

Using an informative advertisement, by featuring new products, Apple computers introduced a fun, attractive, likeable computer. Apple also used the different personalities of Apple users in their commercial ads, flaunting the differences between IBM machines and Apple computers and once the user discovered Apple they would never return to IBM. These ideas came from Steve Jobs. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he proclaimed that the company was spending $100 million a year on advertising, but it wasn't doing them that much good. They were going to continue spending $100 million a year, but they were going to spend it better. He realized that one of the most valuable things going for them was the Apple brand (Duetschman, 2000).

Steve Jobs realized the Apple brand was a success, but does great advertising ensure brand success?...