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Business Case

1.0 Introduction/Background:

Chris and Chelsea have just gotten engaged. They both desire a traditional Wedding, Full Reception, and Hawaiian Honeymoon. Chelsea realizes her limitations in planning anything, feels she is too emotional, and admits that she needs someone else to shepherd her through this process of planning for, and ultimately providing, the "perfect" wedding.


2.0 Business Objective:

While intuitively not an obvious "Business" project, the proper application of business principles and practices should yield an optimized end product. Utilizing this approach, the finest possible outcome will be expected from a relatively minimal funding strategy.

Our goal is to provide a wedding that is more than just consistently acceptable to all stakeholders, but one that will actually surprise all concerned; with substance, satisfaction, and a pronounced appreciation of decorum and dignity. _______________________________________________________________________

3.0 Current Situation and Problem/Opportunity Statement:

With modern attitudes and their resultantly high expectations of weddings today, our greatest hurdles revolve around funding.

Both families involved are lower-middle class, and have limited resources. Chelsea's unrealistic desires need first be tempered by gentle consultation, but the opportunities for creativity are also all the more pronounced as a result. Her closeness to her family, as well as Chris' friends and family, provide a wellspring of well-intentioned people ready to contribute both goods and services. ________________________________________________________________________

4.0 Critical Assumption and Constraints:

Assuming a relatively limited budget; cash flow, purchases, and fees must be leveraged as much as possible by discounts, early reservations, and alternate sourcing. Those generous enough to volunteer must be made to consider their contributions guaranteed, however well-intended or altruistic. Firm commitments should strengthen these stop-gap measures to ensure continuity with purchased elements towards the final outcome. _______________________________________________________________________

5.0 Analysis of Options and Recommendations:

In the absence of hard capitalization for this project, ethereal options can...