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King Henry VIII, an important character in the book "Mary, Bloody Mary", was a very interesting man because of his extreme actions and determination. Three of the main characteristics of King Henry VIII are determination, anger, and harshness.

The king shows great determination for achieving what he wants, by whatever means necessary. The king does not wish to be married to Catherine of Aragon any longer since she has not given him a son, so he does whatever it takes to get an annullement. He becomes so determined to have a son that he has six wives over the course of his lifetime, which is an important thing to mention when talking about his determination. Another good example of King Henry VIII's determination is how he has an active relationship with Anne Boleyn before he gets the annulment from Catherine of Aragon. The king takes determination, which is usually a good thing, to the extreme and causes himself and Mary, his daughter from Catherine of Aragon, many problems.

Anger is an important attribute to King Henry VIII's character, and he shows it towards both his wives, and his daughter. The most evident acts of anger by the King are a result of his strong desire for a son; he is very angry with his wives for not giving him one, and he even executed Catherine Howard, Jane Seymour, and Anne Boleyn. The conversation between the king and Mary in which he shouts "I-MUST-HAVE-A-SON!" shows his great anger towards his daughter for not being what he considered "A woman not fit to rule England". The king even shows his anger when the Emperor Charles decides not to marry Mary, but this is a much more calm type of anger than the rage of the aforementioned examples. King Henry VIII...