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Nowadays, one of the most traditional ways to get the information across is by the means of mass media. Every little thing and decision in our daily lives someway relies on the information that we receive over the mass media channels. There are many types of mass media, including but not limited to Radio, Television, Internet, billboards on the side of the road, etc. These all are different kids of appearances that mass media takes in the modern society. Basically, the definition of the idea of "mass media" is very simple: a way of getting the message across, by using means of "print and electronic instruments of communication that carry message to ... widespread audiences" ( ). And, in some, cases, the message that suit a particular individual or group of thereof.

The information that is carried over the channels of mass media covers all aspects of individual's life in the modern world, from advertising of beverages to political debates, space programs and beyond.

In this coverage, media executes both a surveillance function by providing the entertainment, promoting goods, influencing the standards and social and moral canons of the society, and by providing the latest news coverage, and a narcotizing dysfunction by placing or removing the emphasis on particular events, new releases and different goods, affecting the popularity of thereof within a society, or by just pouring too much information for people to digest in too short time, leading to audience to be unsuccessful in providing a proper level of response to the event.

While carrying out the above functionality, mass media uses the means of rising and setting up the stereotypes and opinion leaders that usually come together: i.e. it's the "trusted" people that get constantly are asked to comment on important things happening who help set up most...