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Something I exceed in and do fairly well is contradicting to the majority of my age group. The majority of people tighten their teeth, dread, and despise the name. Growing up, I loved teaching my peers and siblings my new findings and understanding of the subject matter. I discovered joy in showing people that I understood the material and realized that I was helping them understand it as well. I find it interesting discovering new methods of working on the same problem, memorizing specific formulas for certain equations, and proving the joy of being correct when working on a fierce question. Let me clear that confused cloud hovering over your head, this subject I do fairly well is mathematics.

In addition, I've learned a process that may be helpful for whoever struggles with mathematics, which is to ask, review, practice and study. For example, in regards to a student, ask questions if you don't understand something.

The dilemma with this scenario is the fear of embarrassment. Trust me, there is at least one more student with the same question. Once you have no more questions and have an understanding, go back and review your text. While reviewing your text book and coming across any additional questions, feel free to write them down. The next day, present your questions to your teacher until you have fully understood the material. Therefore, to help you memorize formulas for equation, use repetition. By continuously repeating the same equation fortwenty seconds will keep it stored in your long term memory. Lastly, test yourself; write down your own challenging practice problems, and work on them until you come to the correct answer. Believe it or not, this works. This is what I like to call, studying. Follow my study tips, and you'll be...