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We plan to do this by focusing on the four building blocks of our business: deliver outstanding QSC&V; be a great employer; give our food star status; and leverage technology to be a strategic advantage.

Our new food preparation system, Made For You, plays a big role in making our food a star. It delivers hotter, fresher-tasting food prepared to each customer's order. We also improved our core menu with more flavorful crispy and grilled chicken sandwiches, McSalad Shakers, breakfast bagel sandwiches, Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfaits, and the Big N' Tasty lettuce and tomato hamburger. Our New Tastes Menu has a rotating selection of entrees and desserts that showcase new, regional, sesonal and value items.

Europe is our largest segment outside the U.S. and contributes about a third of McDonald's operating income. With about 5,500 restaurants in 50 countries at December 31, 2000, we have a strong brand presence, a well-developed infrastructure and a leading market position.

Home to the U.K., Germany and France - three of our largest markets - Europe also includes some of our newest and smallest markets. Although in varying stages of development, these markets are united in their strategies to grow the business by providing great food, top notch service, convenience and outstanding value to build sales and further expand our customer base