Measure twice cut once.

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"Measure twice cut once..." is what most carpenters go by, but it can also be used for a guideline for ones life. What I mean is when someone is going to make a decision that is going to affect their life in a big or small way They should think about it before they go doing immediately. Finding out that you've messed up hurts really badly.

I learned the hard way. My life was going good. I had decent grades at school, my family was getting along, and one Friday evening me and my older brother were running an errand for my mom. She was working at our Church doing some things with some of the other ladies of the church to help out for Sunday morning. She told us to pick up a pizza at Wal-mart and head to the house, so me and my brother got in his car and headed to Wal-mart.

When we got there we went straight for the auto. accessories like we always do when we go toWal-mart. When we got over there my big brother was looking around and I was just tagging along so I said, "Lets get the pizzas and go" he said, "ok" reluctantly. So we went and got the pizzas and was headed to the checkout line and he said . "lets go back to the auto. Section for a minute." I said ok and went with him, when we got there he went straight back to the section where we were at before and picked up some tire-flies and began to open them. I said, "what the heck are you doing?" and he said, "I'm not paying ten dollars for these things" so he stuffed them in his pocket and put the package back on the shelf. I...