Measuring Service quality and what is service quality. Points about service quality gaps, importnace of service quality management and recommendations.

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Detailed Outline: Measuring Service Quality

1. Introduction

Defining quality in a service environment. Expectation and experience of customer set the perceived quality. The importance of service prospective in a business defined.

Customer driven market where competitive advantage achieved through the maximization of service quality that fulfil customer's needs and wants.

Management of service quality and relationships of stakeholders. Thus, perform the necessary measurement to manage the augmented service offering.

2. The nature of services and service consumption and its management marketing consequences. The effects of process consumption which characterizes services and the content and scope of management marketing can be described in a service marketing triangle.

3. The roles of major players, players include employee, employer, costumers, government, supplier and other concerned member of society. The organizational culture, norms and motivational functions that fundamentally affects the performance of employee and ultimately the satisfaction of customers that leads to profit generation.

Close the gap between management perceiving the quality expectation inaccurately.

Close the gap where the service quality specifications are not consistent with management perceptions of quality expectations.

Close the gap where the quality specifications are not met by the performance in the service production and delivery process.

Close the gap where the promises given by market communication activities are not consistent with the service delivered.

Close the gap where the perceived or experienced service is not consistent with the expected service.

Understand that going over customer expectation on service quality can incur higher costs.

4. Ways to measure service quality and under this measurement provides ways to improve the performance of the firm and the competitive advantage it gains through better service quality management.

Recruit desired personnel to fit job requirement that can meet customer expectation.

Use of training and monitoring to provide feedback of employee performance

Conduct interview and...