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Omowunmi Gbadamosi


Essay question: "New media technologies have made traditional, mass media forms of information production and distribution irrelevant." Discuss in relation to the impact of the internet on print media and journalistic practice.

In today's world of new media technologies which provides us with wireless mass media which is popularly know as Wi-Fi, I agree with the statement that new media technologies is the cause of the irrelevance of traditional mass media forms of information production and distribution. An example of a traditional mass media form of information production would be newspapers, the first American newspaper was published in 1741(Biagi, 2007, p. 4).

A few of the main advantages the internet has over print media (newspapers) is that it's wireless, easily accessible and most importantly free. Print media now have to compete with 24 hours reporting and immediate comments on the internet which is easily accessible from almost any location in the world without wires. New media technologies are very convenient for us as we the consumers determine what news we want to read, what time we want to read the information and decided from one of many online avenue's we would like to visit from our cell phones,laptops or Ipads. Therefore there is no thought of commitment of any kind to one news avenue. All we need is the internet and we can access as much substance and data world utmost journalist have. Most people find it bizarre to have to pay for newspapers when they could easily access the news from their home. Also its easier to follow up news on the internet for example you could get day to day updates of the crisis in Syria which is currently happening and changing hourly. However journalistic professionalism face some challenges such as who...