"Meeting the Threat"You are the Director of security at a University and you are concerned with rioting at sports events. Come up with solutions.

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As Director of Sporting Events for Florida University I watched news footage of the rioting that happened after the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game. That night I began to review our current policy and procedures during sporting events. I also did some research on sporting event violence. After finding some good information on the subject I have come up with some new policy proposals that can help our school deal with the growing problem of sporting event violence.

We see it constantly in the news. "Dallas Cowboys win the Superbowl, fans riot in the streets in celebration." I have watched on many occasions where communities or school crowds turn to violence and vandalism in celebration. This behavior leads to millions of dollars in damages and negative press. It is almost becoming a common ritual for fans to take to the streets and commit criminal acts in celebration.

Why is it happening more than before? My personal opinion is that these uncontrollable situations come from a lack of an overwhelming security presence and the mix of alcohol and adrenaline.

We can sit here and analyze humans and bring in psychologists to discuss why the trend is growing or we can take the initiative and attack the problem with solutions to curtail this growing trend at our school. My decision is to implement new policies and procedures to prevent fan violence at Florida University.

All our home games are at sellout capacity. We also host the Orange Bowl here at Florida University that attracts thousands yearly and a nationwide audience. With crowds swelling to nearly 80,000 people, security should be our main focus. My proposal is to employ an overwhelming security force on game day. This security force can consist of students from Florida University and members of the community.