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Memo: to InterClean managersSubject: Management BehaviorThis memo is to encourage all first line managers to consider the impending finalization of the merger between InterClean and EnvironTech. This should a positive move for our two companies and it will be our responsibility to orchestrate this event in order to combine the personnel of both companies into a larger and even more successful business. The combination of these two fine organizations is no less than the merging of two cultures. Both companies include personnel, management styles, policies and procedures which, although different, are representative of previous successful implementation towards similar goals. Neither former company's culture may be perceived or rendered as inferior to the other. A period of evaluation and reasonable consideration must occur in order to assimilate the two companies.

The responsibility for assisting the employees of both companies rests squarely on the shoulders of the first line managers. The employees of each of the previous organizations are accustomed to the unique management styles of their former organizations and they will be looking for leadership in accepting new and different methods and approaches towards the successful completion of their tasks.

Problems and conflicts are expected to emerge. This is inevitable and the managers will be called upon to realize that an open approach and patience will be expected. Resolution of such conflicts will be with a vision for a profitable future for the newly formed organization. This will be a task of integration of functions from each of the companies with the idea of maximizing productivity.

I would encourage a proactive approach in order to counteract any friction that may develop. There will be a certain amount of posturing by some for retention of previous authority. This is natural and should be dealt with in a way which will allow all...