The Men WeCarry On Our Minds By Scott Russell Sand

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The beginning of the 21st century was a harder time in history for women. In "the Men we Carry on our Minds",Scott Russell Sanders tries to understand the relationships beteen power and gender.(576) He believes that women feel more pressure to be everything or to do everything. Men seem to always have more power in their everyday lives. They get the better jobs, which in turn gets them better salaries and more priviledges. Women always have to struggle twice as hard to make a name for themselves. Women not only have more pressure in theirlives, but they deal with having mutiple roles and often suffer from men "bullying". (579) Women can go to a business and apply for a job, having the same education and experience as a man applying for the same job, and nine times out of ten; the man will get the job. Society has always seemed to put men first and see them as better, more stable employees.

Women on the other hand, have to work twice as hard as a man to even hold an executive position. It may take a woman five to ten years to earn a position that a man can obtain in one or two years. This does not seem fair.

Women also hold many multiple roles. We deal with childbearing, raising the children, being wives, cooks, errand runners,and making sure that our everyday household chores are taken care of. We carry alot of stress worrying about money, about our job outside of the home and making sure that our families are taken care of. If our husbands get laid off from their jobs, we are the ones that willingly try to get help. We scrimp and make do (579) with what we can, making sure that the essentials of...