Of Mice and Men

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"Relationships are necessary for people to live happily." Discuss with close reference to Of Mice And Men + related text.

Relationships form one of the tightest bonds, and are built on that of reliance or trust between that of two people. Relationships form a central part in ones life if it is positive, however negative relationships destroys the ability of one to live happily. In Of Mice And Men, John Steinbeck presents Lennie and George to have a strong and positive relationship between them through the support of each other. However there are numerous other characters including Curly, Curly's wife and crooks that represent that of a negative relationship. A harmful relationship, as seen in the movie Sleeping with the enemy, displays clear relationship problems such as abuse and represents a one sided relationship, this type of relationship is one that will not make people live happily.

Paragraph 1:

Of mice and me (Firstly):

Lennie and Georges relationship

Rely on each other ("But not us! Because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you")

Proving that George and Lennie have each others back giving each other a happy life

George is compassionate towards Lennie and his simplistic mind

Not abusive physically

Always follow each other ("No one ever travels together, hardly ever seen two guys travel together")

Showing that Lennie and Georges relationship is unique and necessary for them both to be happier

Not itinerate workers

"Perfect relationship"

Relationships are more easily kept between same sex

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Paragraph 2:

Of mice and Men (However or in Contrast):

Curly and his relationships

Curly and his wife

Curly is jealous and therefore controlling over his wife ("Curley burst into the room ...

seen my wife?' he demanded"). Proving that he...