michael jackson greatest entertainer of all time

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Michael Jackson: The Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived

Maria Madeline Ladanyi 9C

Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer that ever lived. He began his career at such a young age and ever since he has blessed the world with his astounding talent. He does not only have the voice of an angel, but he is the best dancer anyone has ever seen, and he has also dabbled in acting making him a triple threat. Michael Jackson was a musical prodigy. At such a young age, his singing and dancing talent was incredibly mature. And, because Michael Jackson was such a talented person specialising in pop music, he is known to the entire world as the "King of Pop". His talent is a gift to the world and he has such a huge fan base, even after he has passed, which is proof that he truly is the greatest entertainer that has ever lived.

Michael Jackson began his singing career at an extremely young age. When his brothers started a group, he was very keen to join and they soon became known as Jackson 5 with Michael, the youngest child, as their lead singer. With many hit singles including "I want you back" and "ABC", Jackson 5 quickly rose to stardom, and once the boys grew up, Michael left the group and decided to go solo. He began getting very creative with his music videos, creating short films, the most famous one being the music video for "Thriller". MJ wanted to create this music video solely to entertain his fans because at the end of the day that was all that mattered to him. His amazing music is the reason why he is known as the "King of Pop" and why he has won so many awards. These awards...