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Middle East Research Writing There are many different religions in the United States and in the Middle East there are only a few religions. Both religions believe in god and both countries religions believe in sins. The only difference is that the Middle East believes that it is ok to kill someone if they have a reason for killing him or her. It is also a sin in the Middle East to drink alcohol or to watch of believe in Magic. It is also a sin in the Middle East to have any thing to do with “The American’s godâ€. It is a sin to steal from an orphan, accusing the insolent, and running from battle.

The Political setup are called republic under military regime, while Americas is either republican or democratic (or any party that you choose.) There customs include: New Years Day Unit day Revolution Day Arab League Day Labor Day Marty’s Day Christmas While to name a few holidays: New Years Day Flag Day Fourth of July Labor DayMartin Luther King, Jr. Day Memorial Day Presidents’ Day Thanksgiving Veterans Day The Normal American does not wont to fight in a big war and loose many People over nothing, but the Middle East people think different.

They believe that if you die in battle it is the most honorable death there is. They believe that if you die in battle than you also go to heaven and not hell. Where most Americans (that have a religion) believe that if you commit suside than it is a bad thing.

The Arabic people don’t seam to be very independent when it comes to say what they fill, instead they just go with whatever their leader says and go all the way. If the leader wants to bomb a famous...