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Marketing profiles of two countries Australia and Japan Introduction: Marketing Strategy in both Australia and Japan can be very different, marketer will have to take into consideration different aspects such as economy political environment, trade barriers, infrastructure, culture, technology and business environment to market their product successful in this two countries, below here my aim is to examine some of the criteria that marketers will have to think about to be successful in this two countries.

Investment climate: The economy of both Australia and Japan is open to the foreign investment. The government of Japan imposes few formal restrictions on FDI in Japan and has removed most legal restrictions that apply to specific economic sectors. The government does not impose export balancing requirements or other trade related FDI measures on firm seeking to invest in Japan. Moreover risk associated with investment in many other countries such as expropriation and nationalization, are not the issue in Japan, whereas in the case of Australia administration of the policy is based on guidelines rather than inflexible rules.

Takeovers of domestic firm by foreign investment are treated under the same guidelines as any other investment. moreover there are no prohibitions on overseas investment on capital repatriation. Culture: It is primary for marketers to satisfy the culturally learned need of their targeted customers, global marketers must understand the habits, customs and ethical differences of their customers before marketing their product in this two countries (Kramer and Herbig 1994) .Australian culture is bit similar to that or Americans while it is different from Japanese culture so the MNEs will have to adopt different strategy in both the countries that suits the culture of both the countries. Japan is dominated by large power distance, low individualism, strong uncertainty avoidance and masculinity while Australia has small power...