Moira's Ethical Situation

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Moira's frustration with her job stems from several issues. For the most part, her frustration is a result of her employer not having control over the employees in her department. I feel that Moira's only choice would be to confront management with her concerns even if this means losing her job or having to find another employer that conducts business in a way that more closely reflects her moral values.

Of the many concerns that she has about her department, there are two that should require more immediate action. The first being employee theft. Employee theft is a very serious problem in the work place and causes companies to lose a lot of money. When this happens, not only the company is affected but every employee, shareholder and ultimately the customer is affected as well. Employee theft cost the company money that ultimately comes out of the company's profit.

This results in lower profits for shareholders, lower wages for employees and higher costs to the customer.

The second concern that should require immediate attention would be that she has witnessed employees sneaking drinks and showing up to work intoxicated. The best case scenario would be that these employees are not as productive as they could be if they were sober. In a worst case scenario, allowing employees to be intoxicated while on the job could result in injuries to themselves or coworkers.

Moira also had concerns about employees misusing company computers, wasting time and abusing the company's policy regarding breaks and attendance. While these are important issues that management needs to address, I feel that the most urgent concerns should be addressed first. In order to address these major concerns, management needs to be sure that every employee is aware of the company's policies and the consequences associated...