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Class: Advanced Accoutancy 55B

Name: Phan Xuân Ngọc

Course: Culture of regions & people in the world CODE: SSCI165

TOPIC: Confucianism and its manifestations in Vietnamese life

Phần từ đây xuống dưới khi viết thì xóa đi:

Yêu cầu: Dùng font Times New Roman - 12 points. Line spacing: 2,0. Cách lề như mẫu này. Bài viết dài từ 2-3 trang. Nhớ chú ý footer. Tất cả position paper ghim vào 1 tệp (ghim góc trên bền trái).


Choose a topic or idea of interest from the previous week. This is a difficult process. Students are advised to chose either a term or a topic from the previous week and expand on it. For example, in week 2 we will be discussing Culture Concepts and their Effects. A possible paper topic could be "Confucianism and its manifestations in Vietnamese life."

Find information and evidence from newspapers, magazines, or scholarly publications to argue their understanding of the topic. The source of the paper must be provided accurately and ALL original papers used to support your position must be attached with the position papers submitted to the lecturer. Students have to cite these appropriately. They are recommended not to use Wikipedia as the only source.

Take a clear position in their writing. For example: "In this paper I argue that eco-tourism in Latin America is one of the few industries that can successfully bridge the demands of economic growth with sustainable resource use". The position is stated in the thesis statement, which should be included in the first paragraph. The following paragraphs should support the thesis statement with evidence and/or illustration. Each paragraph should begin with a clear topic sentence. Rich, specific and real informaiton is welcomed. Any...