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Oceanic Hydro Supply's (OHS) ethical code of conduct is taught to each employee at his time of hire. Training is taught and expected to be carried on throughout the workplace and externally with customers. Clarification is available for any employee to build a deeper understanding of the code of ethics. Every employee also shall understand that his behavior should always be considered ethically and morally correct and understand that other behavior will not be tolerated. However, whereas the monitoring of each employee's behavior at all times is difficult for a company the size of OHS there are ways to accomplish it through levels. Depending on the level of the employee will determine who monitors and clarifies that the activity occurring is ethical or unethical. Field employees will be monitored by their supervisors and continue up from there.

If an act should arise that is to be believed unethical or illegal by an employee, whistle-blowing is encouraged but is not rewarded.

Confidentiality is promised to any who is to come forward about an act that is acknowledged to be unethical or illegal and will not be retaliated upon. It is the responsibility of that employee to report the behavior to his immediate supervisor unless it is that supervisor conducting unethicalbehavior. For circumstances such as this, OHS has the open-door policy set in place so that any employee can feel comfortable going to any level of management without the fear of retribution. On the other hand, because the level of employees is greater than supervisors many are feeling pressured by fellow workers not to whistle-blow because they will be looked down upon. So encouraging employees from the beginning about ethicalbehavior and acquiring open communication is important to build a solid structured company.

Oceanic Hydro Supply built their ethical code of conduct with the measurements to protect the rights of each employee. Striving for success throughout the company is only possible if each employee understands the code clearly and adheres to his at the same time by acting ethically. They are to be comfortable teaching new employees those same ethicalbehaviors through their training process to show them what acceptable and unacceptable behavior is. Because OHS has minimal supervisors the employees are to make ethical decisions day-to-day and adapt to changes that may appear as well as establishing and maintaining those set guidelines.

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