Mormonism In Utah

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The history of the Mormons dates back to the year 1827. Joseph Smith and a few others went on a wagon trip cross country to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1827 not knowing that he would be the prophet that would reveal the religion of Mormonism. They were on their trip across Utah until they stopped to rest. And out of the corner of his eyes he discovered an item which was thought to be an ancient plate. So Joseph and the others decided to search for more ancient plates. They searched and searched until Joseph dug a hole and discovered the rest of the missing plates. He noticed that there were many symbols and sorts of writing on them but he could not read them. So for the next two years Joseph used ancient Egyptian and Hebrew to finally find out what the plates said. He discovered that the plates had writings for a religion called Mormonism. So Joseph read through the plates while recording what he was reading and decided that he was going to be the one to preach this religion. But twenty -one years after he started preaching Mormonism, he was arrested. The government said that it was illegal to preach the religion and he was murdered at the Salt Lake City jail in 1848.