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I've been blessed since early childhood with a successful career in show business. From the time I was 5, people usually recognized me on the street as the cute little boy in the Life cereal commercial. I was a real ham, and i always enjoyed it when strangers approached me and asked me to say my famous line "I'm not going to try it!". I loved being in the spotlight and having people like me. It seemed to be my destiny. My family also benefitted greatly from the commercial's residual checks. My dabbling in show business was a wonderful opportunity for all of us.

Fortune smiled upon me a second time when I was cast as Laurie Metcalf's son in the sitcom "Roseanne". By this time I was ten years old and already a show business veteran. My six years on 'Roseanne" were a tremendous learning experience for me in acting and in comedy.

A child co-star is only as successful as the writers, producers and fellow actors allow him to be. I was blessed. My fellow castmates were geniuses and very generous with their pint-size colleagues. I learned so much from them about acting, comic timing and being a professional. I wouldn't trade that experience for the world.

You might be surprised to know that I DON'T think my acting career is my greatest accomplishment. I owe my success in show business primarily to luck, timing, and my mother's promotion. She hit the pavement hard to promote my career as a child star before I even knew how to read. The success is hers as much as it is mine.

I consider my greatest success to be enrolling in public school with my peers for the first time at age 16. I had been...