Mother Teresa (Angel of Mercy)

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-born august 26, 1910

-baptized august 27 in Macedonia

-family is Albanian and catholic, though the majority of the Albanians are muslim

-educated and raised by her mother

-father died at age 9

- She helped a father, who had difficulties with the language, to teach catechism and read

a lot about Slovenian and Croatian missionaries in India.

-she had her first calling at age 12

-she decided at age 18 to serve god and his will by joining our Sister's of our Lady of

Loreto in India

-1928 sent to Calcutta to be trained to be a teacher and given name Sister Teresa

-1929 taught secondary school in Calcutta St. Mary's High School

-1937 takes final vows as a nun

-1946: While riding a train to the mountain town of Darjeeling to recover from suspected tuberculosis, she said she received a calling from God "to serve him among the poorest of the poor."

-1947: Permitted to leave her order and moves to Calcutta's slums to set up her first school.

-March 19, 1949 the first girl joined MT

-1950: Founds the order of Missionaries of Charity.

-1962: Wins her first prize for her humanitarian work: the Padma Shri award for distinguished service. Over the years, she uses the money from such prizes to found dozens of new homes.

-1982: Persuades Israelis and Palestinians to stop shooting long enough to rescue 37 retarded children from a hospital in besieged Beirut.

-1983: Has a heart attack while in Rome visiting Pope John Paul II.

-1985: Awarded Medal of Freedom, the highest U.S. civilian award.

-1989: Has a second and nearly fatal attack. Doctors implant a pacemaker.

-1990: Announces her intention to resign, and a conclave of sisters is called to choose successor. In a secret ballot, Mother Teresa...