What motivates a serial killer?

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What is wrong with you? : What Motivates a Serial Killer?

When you hear these lyrics, "All I see is murder murder, my mind state, murder murder and kill, kill, kill" by Eminem, what comes to mind? Do you feel that violent side of you waiting to come out? Could this be a possible motivation to kill? For years and years, I have tried to find out why serial killers kill others, and it is the same thing every time. I know it goes much deeper than what media really shows, so I came up with the question," What motivates a serial killer" and received many logical conclusions. I had to know for myself, so I researched my question and you will not believe what I found.

Serial killers cannot be classified into one group because they have different titles and different actions. For an example, there is a killer such as a spree killer.

Let us compare a serial killer and a spree killer. According to David Fabianic, "there's more expression with a spree killer--expression of anger." "While the serial killer can express himself, he is also very intent on getting satisfaction, pleasing himself in some way." Now let us compare a serial murder to a mass murder. Fabianic stated, "Mass murders were slayings that took place all at once at one location. Serial murders were slayings that came over time." With these classifications, it makes identifying what kind of killing it was.

How a person grew up can also effect his actions. Let us look at the childhood of John Wayne Gacy, a former killer who raped and killed at least 30 young men. "Gacy seemed to have a very normal childhood with the exception of his relationship with his father and a series of accidents...