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Motivation of this particular team would be a no brainer. Per our assessments taken, each of us has the right blends to make us an awesome working machine. Our talents and skills, along with our persistence would allow us to be able to conquer any endeavor that we would undertake. Before we delve into our "action steps" let's take a look at what each of our team members is bringing to the table.

We have two members who are "Cautious" and thus labeled "The Assessor" making our group pro thinkers, who will not just jump to any conclusions with any facets, but does not stop us from making a decision. With one member not carrying this label but who is a strong determined individual, he will be able to show us another side of any decisions. All three of us show an "emotional intelligence" of similar findings (47-49), thus allowing us the knowledge that we are all strong in our emotions but not dead.

Our values are similar but not the same, with the core value being Honesty and a strong satisfaction with our lives. We had very close scores in how involved in our job (31-32), thus showing that we each will do our best when we come to work but being able to separate our job from our personal lives. Working hard is a wonderful attitude, but we are all in agreement that our outside activities (family, friends, etc) must never be forgotten. If you are going to have a motivated employee the odds are you will have an outside life. Our satisfaction with our jobs showed a very high score (85, 95, 95), meaning that when we are at out particular jobs, we really enjoy it. You want motivation, just amble down and talk to any of...