Motivation Theories Paper

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� Motivation Theories Paper

Motivation Theories

Novelette Anglin

University of Phoenix

Gayla R. Sherry


August 5, 2007

Motivation Theories

Motivation Theories describe an individual action in a certain way. Based on the

expectation that is followed in a given outcome, Motivation Theories sometimes leads us to

conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time. In this paper the author will describe two

different types of Motivation Theories and how one of the two applies to the author, and why.

The theories of Cognitive Dissonance (Festinger, 1950) are a very powerful motivator

and often lead to the change of other conflicting belief in action. Dissonance is often

strong, but only when an individual believe something about his or her self and do something

against that belief. The discomfort of this theory often feels like a tension that lies between two

opposing thoughts. Dissonance is most powerful when Foolish feelings and immorality cloud

the internal projections during decision-making.

These are all dissonance in action. When an

action is completed and cannot be undone, then the individual is compel to change his or her

beliefs in an after the fact dissonance. If beliefs are moved, then the dissonance appears during

decision-making, forcing the individual to take actions he or she would not have taken before.

Virtually, Cognitive Dissonance in all evaluations and decisions is a central mechanism

Of which an individual experience new differences in the world. Dissonance increases with the

importance and impact of the decision, along with the difficulty of reversing it. Discomfort

about making the wrong choice of car is bigger than when choosing a lamp. In many forms

of persuasion to change attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviors Cognitive dissonance is central.

Tension of Cognitive Dissonance can be built up over time where individuals can be moved in...