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Movie Review

English Folio #2

Title: We were Soldiers

Rating: MA15+

Directed: Randall Wallace

Starring: Mel Gibson, Barry Pepper

Writing Credits: Joseph Galloway (book)

Lt. Hal Moore (book)

We were soldiers is the next movie in the popular current trend of war movies, Following the same genre of Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates, Black Hawk Down. All reasonable movies and this no eception. When i went to see this movie i was expecting a violent movie, and thats exactly what it was. People comment on the violene of Saving Private Ryan, but personaly i see this movie as more graphic, intense and realistic than Saving Private Ryan.

The story of the film is based on a book and is about the first battle in the vietnam war, held at Ia Dranga also known as "the valley of death", they were dropped off by helicopters and surrounded by 2,000 north vietnamese soilders which turned in to a 3 day long bloodbath where there were many casulties from both sides.

There is no doubt that the screenwriters and directors have really captured the horrifying realism of war, and still show a real depiction of the bravery of both forces, the American soldiers and the NVA. Unlike its brothers in this genre we are able to view the war from both sides unbiased.

The acting and actors in the movie, is done vary well and really displays the emotions and hardship of the soilders in the vietnam war. The characters of Hal Moore played by Mel Gibson as the couragouse leader, and Joseph Galloway played by Barry Pepper as the Budding Reporter were preformed vary well and actually were the two people in reality who wrote the book "We were soldiers... Once and Young" and experianced the battle first...