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Movie Anylisis of "We were soldiers"

lloway (book)Lt. Hal Moore (book)We were soldiers is the next movie in the popular current trend of war movies, Following the same genre of Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates, Black Hawk Down. Al ... Private Ryan.The story of the film is based on a book and is about the first battle in the vietnam war, held at Ia Dranga also known as "the valley of death", they were dropped off by helicopters and ...

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Whites discriminating against blacks, blacks discriminating against blacks in the film "Glory"

Glory is a movie about the Civil War. It is considered by many to be one of the greatest war movies of all time. Glory is about Colon ...

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Are Modern War Movies Better?

War movies have always been a favorite of American men, who love to sit back and watch someone else ... watch someone else do the dirty work, blood, gore and destruction are a much loved by most men. Old war movies and new war movies have quite a few similarities in that they are both based on historica ... rities in that they are both based on historical happenings, they equally show what happened during war, by the same token they show respect for rank and likewise showed how soldiers became brothers. ...

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Triumph of the Human Spirit: Casablanca & Saving Private Ryan Film Comparison

g of one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the 20th century. Released in 1942 during world war two, Casablanca is an epic tale that for the time raised the bar of pro-war movies. Set around t ... ound the story of basically two lovers meeting up again under a different set of circumstances in a war torn world. With actors who deliver a spectacular performance such as Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Be ...

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Violence in Film

violence has been in films since the start of movie making. From John Houston's depiction of men at war with The Battle of San Pietro, to the hardships teenagers face growing up portrayed in the film, ... extreme statements about our society and the involvement of our country in other conflicts, such as war, which affect our nation. Movie makes have realized the power and movement within society that a ...

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The movie 'Platoon' showed the terrible situations during the Vietnam War as well as major horrors of the Vietnam War. It's one of the greatest war movies I've seen and i ... ticized the US involvement in Vietnam by showing these horrible images.The US intervened in Vietnam War because they were extremely aware of the domino theory. The US was afraid that when Vietnam fall ... even though the US had the most advanced technology, combat power wasn't very effective in Vietnam War.The US intervened both of Vietnam and Korean War because the US was extremely aware of domino th ...

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"Jarhead: A Marine's Chronicle of the Gulf War and other Battles" by Anthony Swofford - Book Review

raq, and the problem with the oil. They are told they will be deployed soon so they rent a bunch of war movies and get drunk to ready themselves for war.He reflects upon the time he served in the Phil ... accident while on leave and the tragedy of it, he talks about his family and their history in being warriors, how he knew from his young age he wanted to be a marine and his USMC shirt his mom made hi ...

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The Transformations of Protagonists in War Movies Due to the Influence of His Enemies.

bullet from the barrel of your gun? These are the unanswered questions often veiled by the fogs of war and the hectic pace of fighting in real life combat. On the other hand, Hollywood explores and a ... tes this ambiguous and complicated relationship between the protagonist and his enemies in a lot of war movies. In the process, these movies reveal many psychological and philosophical implications of ...

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Casablanca is a film that both men and women can relate to. Men relate to this film because of the war and the story of the war, women can relate to the love triangle between Rick, Lazslo and Ilsa. M ... men can relate to the love triangle between Rick, Lazslo and Ilsa. Men may find the film more about war than romance but for the most part, men are more interested in war than women and women are more ...

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Analysis of Platoon

toon"A Vietnam veteran in Oliver Stone directed the movie Platoon. His first-hand experience of the war allowed him to tell a different story then most war movies. The result was a masterfully crafted ... conflict. Oliver Stone uses many different techniques to tell his story, which I believe is an anti-war message that illustrates that the lives of the soldiers' are more important than the purpose of ...

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