Movie review about homecoming: a Filipino movie about SARS awareness

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A Movie Review

"What a story!" That is my initial reaction after watching the movie, wiping out my sweat coz the movie house is not what I expected it to be that ventilated. As I am watching I never noticed that I have sweat a lot and I guess a tear is with it. I am saying this because the movie is really a heart touching drama but with a bit of stomach aching comedy. To some they find it boring but to me it is a very fruitful viewing because the whole story depicts a real life situation that focuses on one of our country's dreaded, devastating, ever disputable problem, the " SEVERE ACUTE RESPIRATORY SYNDROME VIRUS" or in short SARS.

I know that some of us haven't watched it and so I want to share you a bit of what I can remember about the movie but take my advice, it is better if you watch it by yourself.

The story flows in the life of Abigail Edades played by Alessandra de Rossi, an OFW who came home from Toronto, Canada to arrange her wedding with her fiancé named Melvin played by James Blanco. But after few days of staying here in the Philippines, she had an on and off fever accompanied by frequent coughing. It is not known of her that she is a SARS positive victim and that she has the virus ever since she is in the country. And she never noticed that her nearness to his brother Noel would lead to the acquiring of his brother of the virus. When Noel suffered a difficulty in breathing they rushed him in San Lazaro Hospital and both Abigail and his brother were subjected to a 14 -day quarantine. Abigail surpassed the virus but unfortunately...