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In construction there are tools for everything, tools that help us build things, tools that help us take things apart and everything in between. In business we also have tools; tools that help us make tasks easier. One of the tools that we have is for decision making, decision making tools were developed in the 1990’s by companies looking to improve quality and to help streamline projects for the business.

In decision making there are many different tools available. These tools help us to narrow down the amount of information to only the ideas that are relevant to the decision at hand and this helps to make the decision. In this paper we are going to examine one of the many different decision-making tools that can assist us in this process. The specific decision making tool we will discuss is called multivoting. Multivoting is known to be a decision making tool used by groups.

It is defined as “A process that helps a team reduce a large number of items to a smaller list of important ones.” (Pace Pilot, 2006)Many teams when challenged with a decision first use brainstorming to help get the flow of ideas from group members, this helps to create a “laundry” list of sorts. Many of the ideas listed by the team are not realistic, but all ideas thought of are written down. After a team creates the list of ideas, then what do they do next? This is where the decision making tool called multivoting comes in, it is designed to narrow the list of ideas or options into a manageable size, so that it is easier to follow.

The following is a model of Multivoting from the “Strengthening Extension Advisory Leaders” this model was a handout at one of their conventions; it was titled...