Multiculturalism And Racism - A Good Example

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'Now, now child, you shouldn't fret over something that can't be fixed,' the mother said, irritated but patient. The issue of racism was becoming widespread and more severe. 'But I still don't understand why I can't go to the school of my choice. All my friends can, and they don't have to worry about the issue of black and white,' Danny replied, still clueless. The days were hard, and the new system would force black people to be in a school of their own.

Danny, very concerned about the situation, visited the school counselor the next day at school.

'Why can't America be like any other country, where everyone is treated equally and divisions aren't accepted?'

'Well, which countries would you want America to be like? The only multicultural country I can think of is Australia, and America will never be like that, considering its population and history. Australia was first made of black people and that's why discrimination isn't socially accepted.'

Danny, ashamed at the prospect of being forced out of the country he was born in, sat down and kept thinking for a long time before he slept. After a while, he decided that the issue could not be kept unsolved and action had to be taken.

"Dear Mr. President

I write you this letter concerning our country's decline in state of living. Nowadays, people live in fear. They are scared to lay a foot on the street in case they are attacked. They are scared to talk in case someone takes it the wrong way. They do not apply for jobs, in fright of the humiliation of being rejected because of discrimination.

Mr. President, I urge that you take action. I urge that you do not let America, the once best country in the world, decline to...