Muriel's wedding.

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Question: Choose a scene from your text and show through detailed analysis how the themes and characters are represented and shaped through cinematic techniques.

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English Formative 1 Media Study Task

The text Muriel's wedding directed by P.J Hogan shows an exciting rollercoaster ride of Muriel's life. One scene that is the most evident that Muriel is trying to change the way she lives her life and how she is trying to get over her depression is the waterloo scene. This scene is expressing how Muriel is living her life (Old Out Of Date, Boring, Haphazard, Piece Of Work) At the start of the scene Muriel is nervous and un shore of what she is doing up there. Then she gets the hang of it. Then she started to enjoy it. This is a replay of the hole text. At the start of the text she is all depressed and connately listens to ABBA ( her life is not as good as a song.

The song is better then her life. She believes that she is nothing. She got kicked out of her little group. So she decided too follow them to the islands. Where she met up with a friend from high school Ronda. Then Ronda decide to enter the contest and Muriel decided to dance to the ABBA Song. This is her high point of her life.

In the Waterloo scene Rhonda & Muriel appear to be trying to dance & too be sexy. There performance was a crowd pleaser this is represented by all the men that we supposed to be with Tania and co. are standing up cheering on Ronda and Muriel. There cloths are tight and reveling for that age. They are trying to cause an disruption. This part of this scene makes...