Music Report.

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Music Report

I went to a concert in Aaron Copland School of Music. It was an experience of a lifetime. I listened to a genre of music I never had listened to. At the concert three people performed. A vocalist named Dawn Zahralban (soprano), a pianist Anderson Brenner and a flutist Chrissy Fong. Although Chrissy only played for one song her performance left the audience wanting more and I wish I could see her some time soon.

I also noticed that in the back of the auditorium there was a camera crew filming the whole performance. The auditorium was very elegant looking. The majority of the people in the audience were young people in their twenties. That's what I expected, it being in a college and all. The hall was rather big for such a small performance. It could fit approximately three hundred people and in the performance floor there was a piano a chair for the pianist and a table with a jar and a glass of water.

The songs performed in the concert were all mixed up between adagio, andante and allegro. Most of the songs went from andante to allegro. It was divided into five acts. Four of the five acts were homophonic and the other act was polyphonic. The performers were dressed very elegantly. There was about thirty people in attendance and they were dressed in there normal attire. Also the majority of the concert was in the dissonant form. Very rarely I saw a consonant song playing. The behavior of the performers was that they were very concentrated in their work. Keeping aware and avoiding all mistakes if possible

The pianist was really professional. Played spectacularly well. He gave the audience feelings of anger, sadness, and joy. The flutist although played one song was also...